Short stories

Arm’s length

Published by Fairlight Books, click here to read.

Ex-pro swimmer, Leah, helps a young girl overcome her fear of water and learn to swim. In doing so, Leah moves away from swimming in her own grief at being recently widowed.


Published by Fairlight Books, click here to read.

Chloe is addicted to buying shoes, whilst inadvertently making colleagues redundant. Jon, now redundant, is increasingly escaping into alcoholism. Their stories start to overlap as they tackle their lockdown demons.

Good for you

Liam is a perfectionist propelled outside of his comfort zone by life changing events happening simultaneously at work and home. This short story explores the perception of success as Liam works out what’s really good for him.


Holly has been grieving Anna’s friendship, abruptly lost after her wedding day. Several years later, she’s still angry about the lack of explanation, but when she finally gets the chance to confront Anna it’s not at all what she was expecting. A story about life events that test friendships, even the best ones.

Love grows here

Gemma is navigating motherhood in a digital world; as fast as her love for her boy, Jayden, grows so too do her fears for him finding a love of his own when he spends so much time online. This is a story of how love somehow does still grow, despite phone addictions and the pervasion of technology in our lives.

Not at home

Freya struggles to feel at home with people old or new since she developed social anxiety. During this story in three parts, she finds a new way home and it’s not to the place she thought it was.

French kiss

Camille has moved from Paris to London to study and follow her design dreams. But she’s overworked trying to make ends meet, and distracted looking for any signs of love to feel less lonely in this foreign city. It’s at a low point, that the kindness of strangers starts to send good fortune more her way.

A little green

Hayley is holidaying in Morocco with her boyfriend and friends. Away from it all but not from her restless self. Some unexpected bad news is the catalyst to her accepting change in life and finally growing up.

Always late

A time poor daughter. A father who can’t keep to time. But it’s the mother who is really short on time as they approach the end of her life story.