Short stories

Here’s a few tasters of the short stories in progress. More on these coming soon!

Above the archway

Rosa is a lifelong amateur photographer but now her eyesight is failing. This is a story about the hobbies, dreams and friendships that last a lifetime.

Not at home

Emma struggles to feel at home with people old or new since she developed social anxiety. During this story in three parts, she finds a new way home and it’s not to the place she thought it was.

You caught my bouquet

Jane has been grieving Anna’s friendship, abruptly lost after her wedding day. Five years later, she’s still angry about the lack of explanation, but when she finally gets the chance to confront Anna it’s not at all what she was expecting.

A little green

Hayley is holidaying in Morocco with her boyfriend and friends – away from it all but not from herself. Unexpectedly, she receives some bad news which is the catalyst for Hayley’s journey towards accepting change in life and growing up.

He’s always late

A time poor daughter.

A father who can’t keep to time.

But it’s the mother who is really short on time as they approach the end of her life story.

Friday, I’m in love

A tale of student life and love in the 1990s, when Ellie meets Tim in a club one random Friday night and it starts a love that will stand the age old tests of time and distance.