I am a B2B content marketer by trade with more than 15 years of marketing management experience in planning and executing a wide range of projects and campaigns for medium, large and enterprise-sized organisations.

I am also a working mum to two amazing boys, whose creativity and bravery in trying new things were the inspiration behind starting a blog.

To blog and beyond

When I started blogging, as a 2019 new year’s resolution, the original intention was to write enough posts to fill the equivalent of a music album covering a mix of marketing themes. As the average length of an album is 12 songs, we’ve gone beyond that now at 20+ posts!

In 2020, I sidestepped into writing short stories which has been a long-held dream of mine. Modern life is so busy, I love the brief escapism a short story can give you in our time-pressured, hectic lives.